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UI/UXBuild great products and customer experiences with our UI and UX design services 

Data, Analytics & AI - We unlock the full potential of data and build meaningful insights for actionable outcomes. Our goal is to enable your business smarter with a data-driven model.

Our analytics framework is engineered to build data-driven insights and can be tailored for any use case. Some examples of use case we can deliver solutions are:

  • Cloud Infrastructure - Monitor servers and cloud infrastructure, alert, detect anomalies, predict and forecast usage

  • Electrical Assets - Monitor assets with IoT Senor/Gateways, alert and detect anomalies

  • Smart Energy Management - Monitor energy usage with IoT sensor/Gateways, alert and detect anomalies, predict, forecast usage and demand

Robotic process automation (RPA) - Our RPA capabilities can be leveraged across industry functions to improve efficiency, increase agility and reduce costs. Our RPA offerings,

  • Strategy & Target operating model

  • Automation feasibility & Tool selection

  • Process automation & deployment

  • RPA Governance & CoE Setup

  • Integration RPA (OCR, Chatbot, ML)

  • Managed services model - Offshore, Onshore & Hybrid

Services: Our Technology
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If you are new to DevOps or enhance the performance of your DevOps journey, our consultants will help you do the strategic planning and execution

Assessment & Strategy Planning

  • Assess the current state of DevOps practices, IT infrastructure, and application lifecycle capabilities

  • Design a roadmap for building a fully automated environment

  • Identify gaps and suggest solutions

Framework & Tool Stack

  • Leveraging tools and framework in consultation with your key stakeholders

  • Managed DevOps Services

    • Govern the design, construction, configuration management, CI/CD, automation

    • Implementing monitoring practices, feedback, and troubleshooting

Services: Our Technology
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